a bit about us

​We are a family owned and operated footwear retail store established in Beecroft in 1931 - situated on the edge of Sydney's "Hills District" in the North West. 

Sparks Shoes is currently run by Marion, a third generation Spark, and her daughter, Jaythene. You can often find 3 little girls, part of the 5th generation, in store "helping" their mother and grandmother too!

Marion and Jaythene are ​passionate​ about footwear, and in particular fitting. Marion has a very keen eye for detail and is an expert on coordination especially when it comes to Women's Shoes. Jaythene loves assisting parents looking for Kids Shoes - in fact you regularly find Jaythene sitting with the kids at our coloring table long after a sale has been finished and a parent wants to go home!

Supported by Anne, Elise and Julie all mothers (and even grandmothers) they each have over 8 years of experience, we look forward to meeting you soon!

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