What happens when a big kid has kids? Well if you were a design guru for the likes of Puma, Diesel, and UGG and live in San Francisco, you launch a start-up for kids (of all ages) and name it PLAE. Ryan Ringholz has outfitted an entire generation, so when fatherhood entered the picture it made perfect sense for him to style the next generation as well.

His goal? Design premium products that can handle all the things that kids dish out on a daily basis. PLAE shoes are made from eco-friendly, breathable, and washable materials that are engineered to be durable, flexible, and customizable to allow for the natural development of children’s feet.

PLAE footwear is made in a solar powered, fair labor factory, using renewable resources, ISO certifited leathers, water based glue and recycled PET.

PLAE is fun footwear for kids....and Washable footwear for parents.

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