Do you price match?

We use supplier Recommended Retail Prices. As a small family business we ensure that our staff have full and ongoing training in all areas of fitting, manufacturing and leather. We ensure that we have our own back up of stock especially childrens school shoe sizes and widths. To ensure that we always have excellent stock holding and staff training we are unable to offer price matching.


Do you stock narrow and wide width fittings?

Most footwear is not available in multiple width fittings. Our staff are knowledgeable on all footwear styles we stock and can assist you finding footwear that will fit your foot type. It may/may-not be your preferred style, however we will always do our best to assist you.


Do you Lay-by?

Yes we layby instore only. Lay-bys are for 2 months and are subject to terms and conditions as described in our lay-by policy. 


Do I need an appointment for a footwear fitting?

Appointments are not required during our opening hours. Our staff are fully trained for fitting children's shoes and ongoing training is provided.


Does footwear come with a guarantee?

Footwear does not usually come with a guarantee. If questions arise during the wearing of your item, then we will do everything within our power to assist you. 


How long should my shoes last?

There is no hard and fast rule how long a pair of shoes will last. This will depend on how often the shoes are worn, how they are treated and looked after, where they are worn and the way an individual wears their shoes. 


What happens if my shoes become faulty?

If you feel a fault has occurred in footwear you purchased from us, either online or in our bricks and mortar store, it is your responsibility to get into contact with us as soon as possible. Not advising of the potential fault and continuing to wear the item could have a detrimental effect of the outcome of your issue.

All footwear issues need to be assessed on a case by case basis. We look at a combination of the age of the item, wear and tear and what fault has developed. In most cases, we can make a decision instore or via photos emailed to us without having to return the item to our supplier for inspection.

The law on goods developing a fault states that if you have a minor problem with a product, the business can choose to give you a free repair instead of a replacement or refund. You must accept this free repair if the business offers it to you.

Whereby the fault is minor (eg. outsole lifting, broken buckle, stitching coming undone) and can be repaired, we will happily organise this for you at no cost.

Whereby the fault is major or a known manufacturing issue and cannot be repaired (eg. split sole unit, upper pulled away from outsole) at the suppliers discretion, this can usually be replaced or an exchange or in some cases a refund. 

Whereby the fault is due to wear and tear, we are happy to assist you. Where possible, we will advise how to avoid the same fault occurring again.

We take great lengths to ensure the brands we stock are reputable and of quality.

We're not just here for the sale - we're here for after the sale too!

Fair Trading Repairs, Replacement or Refund