Discounting & School Shoes

I get it.

I’m a mum to 3 girls (and the littlest starts school this year too…..eeekkk!!!)

It’s expensive…..especially straight after Christmas!
And the school fees, tuition fees, sports rego, house & contents insurance hasn’t even come in yet!

And yes, I too am seeing the discounts being advertised by our competitors.
In many cases, they are the manufacturers and importers of school shoes that we sell at their suggested RRP.

But I like to look beyond the fancy (ahm…expensive) adverts and really see where my value for money is.
Where ever there’s a discount being offered on any new and continuing product, there’s got to be a cut back somewhere to afford it…and in the shoe business, the only places that we can cut back is staff and stock.

All year we employ senior fitting staff – never juniors even at our busiest times. We have trained them above and beyond the half-day Clarks Fitting Course and continue to train them even now.

We’ve been so fortunate to have Elise and Julie with us for over 10 years each – and that is knowledge and experience you can’t buy!
There’s NO WAY we’d cut back on our staff just to offer you a discount!!!

We are so passionate about your kids’ foot health and development – knowing that if the feet develop incorrectly, it can’t be reversed. Correctly fitted shoes require stock availability to get just the perfect amount of length and width…and we are so acutely aware that a bad fit now, means bad feet later.
Mum (aka Marion) and I make sure we stock the largest range of widths and sizes anywhere in Sydney. We ensure that we top up our stock throughout the year so that anytime your kids need school shoes, we are here to help you. We stock from Prep & Kindy sizes all the way through to big Year 12 boys sizes!!!
So there’s NO WAY we’d cut back on our stock just to offer you a discount!!

We try to go way beyond deals of money…and offer you deals of best value!
I will always talk you OUT of purchasing a pair of shoes before I talk you INTO purchasing them.

It’s so hard to describe what we are about.
The best way I can put it into words is… we care…about your kids’ feet…and we care about you.

This is as raw and honest as I can get with you…but I truly appreciate every one of you who shop with us, each and every single time.

Jaythene x

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