Netball Shoes

Netball season is upon us, and the purchase of Netball shoes is an important decision to make. So, we put together a little bit of info on why Netball shoes are so important for players.

A specifically designed netball shoe has many advantages over a running or cross trainer sports shoe.

Netball shoes are designed to give maximum ankle support (for all the stopping, starting, twisting, and running) that puts so much stress on a netball player’s feet and ankles.

Netball shoes are designed to give maximum cushioning (for all the jumping, running, and stopping) that shocks a players joints.

Netball shoes have hard wearing sole units as this sport is often played outdoors on asphalt/concrete which wears away sole units very quickly.

If you are seriously into netball – Reps and A-Grade – then yes, you should wear a specifically designed netball shoe. In fact, as a Representative Netballer, you will easily go through 2-3 pairs of netball shoes in one season!

Juniors who play one game a week do not necessarily need to wear a specific netball shoe. A high-quality cross trainer or running shoe will often suffice. We can discuss your needs and requirements for sporting footwear when you are in store.

We stock Asics Netball shoes for Junior girls through to Representative Women’s Netball shoe options. As fitters (and ex-Netballers) we are acutely aware of how important Netball shoes are to players foot health and the importance of good shoes when playing netball games.

Always keep an eye on the wear of your netball shoes, especially the tread on the sole unit. Ensure you replace the shoes as they tread wears down to about the halfway mark. Continuing to play netball with shoes that have little to no tread can lead to injuries due to lack of grip.

Most importantly, wearing the correctly sized sports shoes to play netball in is paramount to having a great season. Too large and the shoe bends in the wrong place, causing stress to the incorrect parts of the shoe and wearing them out faster (as well as being too long and causing a trip hazard!) Too small and your toes hit the end of the shoe whilst playing causing bruising, callousing, ingrown toenails and worse!

Above all else, having your shoes done up correctly will prevent an injury this netball season. When putting shoes on, use your finger or thumb in the back of the shoe and do not take your finger out until your foot is inside the shoe. This will prevent the back-heel counter from being squashed down and ruining the support.

Place your heel on the ground with your toe aimed high in the air to drop your foot into the back of the shoe. (If parents are putting kids shoes on, ask your child to sit in a chair while you stand in front of them putting their foot between your knees. This will have the same effect.)

Starting with the laces at the bottom – closest to your toes – firmly pull the shoelaces working your way towards the top of the shoe. Fasten the bow.

Have a great Netball season!

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