Purchasing Kids Shoes for Later

We hear parents (and grandparents) regularly say instore they will buy a pair of shoes “for later” for when the child will grow into the shoes. Whilst this sounds like a great idea, purchasing footwear for next year is not always successful, especially for small children, as they have such massive growth spurts.

Many times, parents are lured in by a bargain to save “for later”. Bargains will always be available, and my motto is a bargain is only a bargain if it fits (and your kid likes it and wants to wear it) otherwise it becomes a waste of your money. Even I have grabbed my favourite kids shoe to have “for later” only to remember long after the season or size that I had it stored and was too late to use.

Another lesson well learnt, from my personal experience is to purchase shoes that your child wants. Some years ago, I insisted that my then five-year-old was going to “adore” the knee high European imported boots I insisted she had. Let’s just say they rarely saw the light of day! After having shoes correctly fitted, and if you are happy with a couple of options, allow your child to have the final say (if they are old enough to participate in the selection process with you). This way, your child will be happy and there shouldn’t be any disagreements about what to wear on your feet when you get home.

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