Topy Toe Caps

We are part way through the school year and if your kid is anything like mine, then there are holes in the knees of their school pants (or in our case tights) and the toe of our school shoes has matching holes too. While it may seem that all hope is lost for their shoes…there is something you can do to eek out an extra term (or 2) in these shoes….

Some kids like to play on their hands and knees and, just like long pants or tights get holes in the knees, shoes get holes in the toes! While it may seem that all hope is lost for this shoe, a bootmaker may still be able to repair even a hole at the toe with a Topy Toe Cap.

While Topy is a product that’s usually used for re-soling shoes, the bootmaker can apply a very thin layer of Topy across the upper on the toes of the shoes. This provides a harder wearing toe for your little one to wear through and saves the shoes! It’s not the prettiest, but it’s much cheaper then purchasing a new pair (and is a great solution if you’re nearing the end of the school year!)

First, before spending the money on new shoes, we suggest you bring the shoes (and the person who wear them) to visit for a check fit. We will assess them with you and determine how much longer the school shoes will last before adding a Topy Toe Cap.

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