Ugg Boots

There’s a winter chill in the air and we’re all starting to reach for something a little warmer to put on our feet now. Aussie icon, Ugg Boots, are the perfect item, and whilst we don’t stock them, I’m going to give you advice for what to look for in an Ugg boot and how to fit them.


Ugg boots are thought to be derived from fug boots that were worn by aviators in rural Australia during WWI. The term is believed to be a shortened form of “Flying Ugg Boots” However they didn’t become a household name until the 1960’s when surfers began to wear them as their feet were cold, numb and wet after surfing.


Original/Authentic Ugg Boots are made with Shearling – that’s the skin attached to the fleece. With the advancement in technology, other leather upper options have become available…in fact check out are they even leather?! There are now other uppers to create multiple options from waterproof to cost saving. The options are almost endless. Fleece can be bonded, or glued, onto any type of leather to minimize the cost and leather can be impregnated with chemicals to make them waterproof.

Traditional EVA (or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) a lightweight rubber is used for sole units on Ugg boots, however tougher soles for durability are now also available.


1.When selecting an Ugg boot, look for a boot with an extra layer of material around the heel of the boot. This is usually highly visible as it’s stitched or glued to the outside of the boot. This heel counter will hold the boot upright, so they do not flop over and squash when wearing.

2.Look for a boot that has a strong piece of fabric, or binding, around the top of the boot. This will stop the boot from stretching when you pull them on and help to stop any seams from being pulled undone.

3.Look for an extra layer of material around the toe of the boot – much like a toe cap or mudguard. Ugg Boots that are made using Shearling are very soft and may tear or develop holes over time. Having a toe cap across the front of the boot will help your boots last longer.


Ugg Boots should be fitted firm – almost tight. You need to be mindful that the wool packs down and the shearling will stretch, more than a leather shoe will do. Even when fitting kids Ugg Boots, try not to be tempted to go up a size, thinking that they will last longer. By the time the wool beds down flat and the shearling stretches parents can often get 2 years out of a pair of boots. By making them too big to begin with, your foot will slop up and down in the back of the boot and the shearling with stretch much too quickly and out of shape. This will also cause air to rush in and out of the boot and make your feet cold!


Yes! You can repair Ugg Boots! I remember when my father’s Ugg Boots got a hole at the toe, he took them to the boot repairer and got a piece of leather stuck to the outside of the shearling. Stitching can often be sorted at the boot repairer’s too. Remember to spray your Ugg’s with Scotchguard or Waterproof Spray regularly as they are a leather and will absorb any spills. And unless you have a waterproof option, avoid wearing your Ugg’s in the wet weather, they will get very soggy! If they do happen to get wet, stuff them with newspaper and leave them to dry in an airy place. I usually find the laundry is a great place to dry them. DON’T put them in or near any heat source (like the oven, microwave, heater). 

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