How Do I Store My Boots?

Winter is boot season! And whether you wear long boots or short, they are an investment, and if you look after them correctly, they will last you well.

The best way to store your boots is inside their box stored heel to toe. Simply taking a photo and sticking it to the outside of your box will help you identify which pair is stored in each box. However the boxes are so big! Where to store them?!

Depending on the style of bed you have you may be able to stack boxes on top of each other under your bed. Storing the box in the top of your wardrobe is another option - but it makes it difficult to get to them daily - so they end up on the floor for the season!

Keeping your boots (and shoes) randomly scattered on the floor of your cupboard ruins your boots much faster as heels dig into the uppers and you can never match up a pair. Leaving them laying randomly around the house is an invitation for the dog to find one of your favourite pairs and take it to a corner to chew happily. Not a good idea!

During the winter season leaving them out can work - however the leg of long boots tends to flop over and then you're faced with the problem of unwanted creases in the legs of your favourite boots. The legs of your boots should always be stuffed to stand upright - but with what?

A rolled up newspaper will work and is a quick and easy option. Or try a pool noodle cut down to the length of each boot leg. If you’re feeling all fancy, you can purchase boot trees that expand to fit into the leg of your boots.

Recently there has been an explosion of storage ideas from clear shoe boxes to ornate shoe wardrobes and leg fillers, from DIY jobs to more luxurious hanging solutions. Sites like Pinterest have great ideas for you to copy!

If your boots get excessively wet, stuff them with newspaper – this helps to draw the moisture out of the leather. Do not attempt to dry them using an artificial heat source like a heater, the oven, microwave or hairdryer. This could cause the leather to harden and crack. Once your boots are dry, give them a good coat of shoe polish to restore the leather.​​

By Jaythene

May 2019


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