Size Guide

​In order to make your shopping easy and convenient and so that you can use your tablet or mobile device, you do not have to download and print out a foot measure chart. You simply need to use a ruler or tape measure and follow the steps below.

You can measure with or without socks. If you are wearing socks, make sure that the sock is not pulled tight around the toes as this can cause an incorrect measurement.​

Step 1 - Try to choose a ruler or tape that begins with "Zero" on the end of the measure, not part-way in.

Step 2 - Choose a wall that is 90 degrees directly up from the floor. The inside of a door frame is often a good place as it does not have a skirting board around the edge.

Step 3 - Place the end of your ruler or tape measure on the ground with the beginning of the measure butted hard up against the wall.

Step 4 - With weight distributed evenly on both feet, stand with one foot on the measure, heel against the wall and longest toe in the middle of the measure. Remember that it is not always the big toe that is the longest.

Step 5 - Looking down vertically from above note the measurement that is closest to the end of the longest toe.

Step 6 - Repeat with the other foot following the above instructions and noting which foot is the longest.


After measuring refer to our sizing guide below to establish the size making note of the different sizes depending on the shoe.

Please be aware this this is a guide only. Should you be unhappy with the fit, you can return the unworn item or exchange it for a different size within 14 days of purchase.

If you are unsure, feel free to call us during our opening hours 02 9484 1151 or email us your query



These are the lengths of the foot and last (foot-shaped template for manufacturing shoes) various shoe sizes correspond to. Please note there is no official conversion between the shoe length and the foot length although it is commonly considered normal if the foot is 2/3 inch less than the last. So we use this conversion here. If you would like more or less than the allowed 2/3 inch, then adjust accordingly.


In Australia, Women's shoes are usually sized in US (or fractional) sizes, while Children's and Men's Shoes use the UK Scale.

This table was devised by Sparks Shoes using​