"It's so good to know ther are still "experts" to fit both adults and children's feet. What a great idea for grandparents to purchase vouchers for Birthday/Christmas presents to encourage the parents to buy properly expertly fitted shoes for growing feet!! This is such an important issue as your feet have to carry you your whole life!! Keep up the good work!"

- Anne M


"THE BEST SHOE SHOP FOR KIDS, EVER. FULL STOP. Have you ever been 'everywhere' searching for shoes for your child? Nothing is comfortable, nothing they like, nothing?

I've had a pretty stressful three days looking in mutitple locations with Miss 7 for shoes for winter. We were at our wits' end when I remembered a friend told me about their 'go-to' shoe shop for their kids shoes. Of course, I forgot about it - until yesterday. We're never going anywhere else. We were served by Jaythene; the loveliest, knowledgeable, intutive person. Thank you so much! Professional fitting and suitable suggestions were made, even surreptitiously checking if these were ok with me first. Thank you so very much Jaythene for everything including staying open past closing time.

PS. They also have lovely adults shoes. Maybe next time when I'm not so flustered."

- Kylie B



"Insanely happy customer rant - I have just got in from the shoe-buying pilgrimage with the 14yo, and Sparks at Beecroft blew me away again. His feet have changed shape, but not length. Left to ourselves, we would never know this, as we can't remember shoe sizes, we throw out boxes, the numbers wear off the shoes etc. But because Sparks firstly, have kept records of what shoes he has had in the past, secondly, have the experience to know how to expect feet to grow (helps if you keep records for hunderds of kids for years) and thirdly, know the differences between their products inside out - they were able to make an informed decision about what shoe to give him. And it is SMALLER than last years, but it made sense, and I felt confident that what seemed like an odd call was actually a sensible one. This involved some consultation and discussion between two people who have been doing this for years. I can only think that the only reason you wouldn't go there is because you hadn't heard of them..."

-Margaret S



"I just wanted to thank you so much for your kindness and helpfulness today. Sparks are amazing! After weeks of me stressing about what to do with my son's sandals, your staff were able to put my mind at ease instantly and offer sensible advice which I thoroughly appreciate. You welcomed me from the moment I walked in the door to the moment I left and your friendly, caring and gentle manner were qualities that I don't find in too many stores nowadays. I'm so grateful to you for being so understanding and being totally honest with your advice. Your customer service skills are exceptional (you were so gentle and kind with my son, and you took the time to speak to me and not brush me off like so many other shoe sales staff have done in the past) and I will definitely be recommending your store to many of my friends with young children. Well done on the great job!"

- Barbara J




"...just letting you know that my shoes arrived today and they fit perfectly. Your website was very user friendly and I had no issues at all finding exactly what I was looking for. Your prompt and professional service is what won me over. Thank you so much for your assistance once again, I can't believe how quick they arrived. My experience has been fantastic and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Will definitely be using you again in the future."

- Vessy (South Australia)